SOA_v.1348- Jumping, Fighting, and Dialogues

And here it is... The first playable demo of Strings of Ambivalence, 5 months into the production of the side-scrolling version features most of the core game-play experience.

The demo features a scenario that is taking place 50 years after the events of the original game in development. Therefore both the location and the characters will not be in the final game. This has provided a greater flexibility in testing the game mechanics without any fear of misrepresenting the main game characters and storyline.

The player controls a rebel spy named Thepes who is tasked with sneaking into the Vetuvanje fortress that is built around the portal cave that links Goa and Earth. His task is to liberate a target rebel Ambivalent (a type of Seer that has gifts that only work in Goa) named Nhumellia who was captured by the Vetu army during an ambush. However, the fortress is heavily protected and Vetu commander is expecting a move from the Rebels.

A small group of scouts lead by Thepes's friend Ghedes finds an unsuspected entry through ancient Okrosi Castle Ruins adjacent to the fortress. However, the path is treacherous and requires Thepes's athletic skills. This first course is intended to put the game engine's traversal capabilities to test. The player character will be challenged to test all motion related game mechanics such as running, swimming, rolling, ledge grabbing, climbing, and even pushing objects to reach higher grounds.

When Thepes gains access to the castle, the combat system kicks in and he starts fighting against unsuspecting Vetu soldiers. As he clears his path through a dash rescue mission, he finds himself against the first boss character, The Blacksmith, in the armory.

The demo v.1348 will be over shortly after this point, by the end of scene-2. The whole demo scene is intended to have five scenes and a complete mini-storyline.

The next goal is to start implementing the quest-lines, and test that the quests are completed and progressed when different goals are completed. We are using Dialogue System in Unity to run the dialogues and the quest system. The game is mainly built on Opsive's Third Person Controller framework, and will receive a major revamp when Opsive pushes their version 2 of their system in spring.

Thank you for checking out the demo, and stay tuned for the updates coming soon.


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98 days ago

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